Stage Hands, “Regardless”

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Stage Hands

Stage Hands is the duo of Brandon Locher (The Meets) and Gerald Mattis. Still too early to have a bio or any form of information beyond their names, the first track “Regardless” remains the pressing issue. It's a track with such unabashed promise that it begs to be documented.

With Locher behind the boards, Mattis plays drums and bass alongside Sean Jackson on KORG. The result sounds something like Dan Deacon's Ensemble in a jam rehearsal, finding a grooze and settling in so that fingers stay nimble and collective musical consciousness is sustained. From glitchy starts, “Regardless” enters pockets of jubilation after a vocal recording says “let me really like… meditate on this” and winds down slides of blips and arpeggios that instill a warm feeling. It all suggests that before the singular “regardless”, that sound byte said something like “I feel incredible in my entire being”.