Stream Allo Darlin’s We Come From The Same Place

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“No one likes to feel like a tourist, I feel like I’m one here,” sings Allo Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris on “Santa Maria Novella,” a deep cut from her band’s new record, We Come From The Same Place. It’s an appropriate sentiment to hear coming from someone like Morris, an Australian ex-pat who recently moved from London to Florence. On 2012’s Europe, her lyrics circled around similar themes of searching for home in unfamiliar places, making sense of the rootlessness that comes with moving your whole life somewhere completely new, plus being in a touring band. We Come From The Same Place is full of the same relatable wordplay; Morris reflects on touring dusty towns of student bars, being excited to see a particular person out in the crowd at her show, airport phone calls, how another year can go by so fast. It’s smart and perfect and you should listen to it right now: