Stream Avakhan’s “Just Let Go” Single

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Swedish indie-pop trio Avakhan is premiering their new single “Just Let Go,” a buoyant, churning indie pop record. They might not be releasing their next album until 2017, but they’ve found the best way to hold their fans over: an entrancing single. “Just Let Go” is characterized by a cheery guitar riff, bright synths and charging drums.

Ava’s sugary chorus is the moment of the record, an irresistible that’s hard not to sing along with eventually. When she says via e-mail that “the inspiration to this song is that some people affect you in way where you just let yourself lose control,” you can hear it in the chorus.

The feel-good record seems more fit for summer days then the impending cold weather, but it should nonetheless get plenty of burn in clubs and on radio stations worldwide.

The song will be officially available October 14th. You can listen below.