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Somehow in 1970 Bruce Haack flew far enough under the radar to be friends with Mr. Rogers, record children’s music, and release a series of records entitled Electric Lucifer during the height of fear that children were worshipping the devil through their rock ‘n roll. Haack’s morbid experimentations on his vocodor (which he named Farad) and his collection of Moog synthesizers, led to contemporaries like James Pants, Night School, and Gary Wilson. My introduction to Bruce Haack came in 2010 with The Electric Voice compilation released via Stones Throw, which stuck to the hand selected choice cuts according to Peanut Butter Wolf.

Since that release, Telephone Explosion took over some of the reissue responsibilities by reanimating Haack’s Electric Lucifer Book II in June of this year. With the record going out of print once again, Telephone Explosion is repressing the reissue, which will ship out in December. Book II is the follow-up to Haack’s original concept record which was written from an earthly perspective as heaven and hell waged war and a “powerlove” was thought to exist that would envelope everyone’s hearts including the devil himself.

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