Stream: Bubbly Mommy Gun, “Some French”

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bubbly mommy gun

In news straight out of Athens, GA, or maybe more out of a colorful tin can stringed between two windows, playfully strange, freak-rock group Bubbly Mommy Gun have shared with us an exclusive track from an upcoming EP entitled Los Estados Amigos. The song is called “Some French” and it's a loving, careful dedication to a lighter side of life, with a suitable accordian intoning behind the guitar-match-vocal style. The aesthetic the song creates is one of a summer picnic with all the cheese, grapes, and bread you can imagine, and a temperate summer sun pressing lightly on your skin. There is also probably glitter at this picnic.

The band is taking off on a tour that can only be described as haphazard and flying by the seat of their pants, but that's exactly how we'd expect it. They'll be stepping out with The Dream Scene and Thick Paint and you can find their tour schedule (and maybe help them out with a date or two!) below “Some French.” Don't be alarmed if this little ditty gets trapped in your mind all day. And with the announcement of this new EP comes the conjoined anouncement from Party Party Partners that a new tape label has been formed where you can buy this EP. You can check that out here.

April 16 – Guy Culvers in Oakland
April 18 – San Francisco
April 19 – Portland
April 20 – Seattle
April 21 – Seattle
April 22 – Portland
April 23 – Oakland
April 24 – Oakland
April 25 – LA area TBD
April 26 – Secret KVRX show with GANGI
April 27 – LA area TBD