Stream BZRK’s, Anesthetic Awareness mixtape

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From Nashville, Tennessee’s Jeffrey Drag Records stable; BZRK premieres their medicated but consciously meditated mixtape, Anesthetic Awareness. Produced entirely by ThirdEye G, Awareness rolls deep with their crew that includes Caveman, fubar, Mac Donald, Caustic, and BASEDGHOST; all providing a different take on the world, with a different local view from the undergrounds of their “Music City” hometown.

Before entering the expansive realm of entropy and indulgence with BZRK, the crew wrote the following brief foreword about the follow up to Local Anesthetic.

Anesthetic Awareness is our sequel to Local Anesthetic. All the tracks were produced by ThirdEye G. This is the first project with Caustic rapping as a member of BZRK. This is essentially our headfirst dive into rap music and all of its sub genres. Enjoy.

Awareness begins with the BZRK crew raising a cup and a blessing for “All There Is”, before taking you into the Tolkien tombs of “Gandalf”. Making moves with G’s production sporting vintage, cavernous, crystal vibraphonic loops; “Now I’m Good” pays testament to the team, assessing vitals with that smoked-up vernacular. The classic cut-up production keeps on pushing with the tight tide twisting, “Rollin Them Blunts Pt. 2”, to the choral syrup symphonic potency of “Post Blowin Potent (feat. fubar)”, as BZRK claims the game for themselves. The whole crew runs with some lo-fi piano accompaniment on the assertive,”Acrosonic”, before boasting big on “ThuggedOutSuperSayan” that dreams out Dragonball Z sized schemes in a Southern working class setting.

Keeping that caustic mode in full effect, the BZRK movement steps out from the trap doors and into the attic rafters on, “That Other Shit”, keeping that back-pack reminiscent production waving through even trippier receptive channels on subconscious sinking, “Groovy And Hardass”. Switching up that radial dial, “De So Hollow” provides a conscious moment of pause to question the vacuous lack of substance offered by their opposites, adversaries—marinating on the hubris of their rivals.

Turning the mood up, and that pitch way down; “#LYINTHRUMYTEETH” runs at different speeds, smiles for the camera, offering up slowed-studio banter, before a treated sample of Karen Carpenter singing the haunting title phrase of “We’ve Only Just Begun” gets blazed up in a heil storm of special effects, and THC side effects. “Phantom” taps into BZRK’s rhyme silo with more vague classic sampled cuts, leading you to the final tier citadel, “Epic”, that stands as the gate to a secret, smoky track. Anesthetic Awarenessplays on a stoned, tough, numbness, that wakes up both a third eye and local consciousness that gives the listening audience an alternate detour into the Nashville they have never known.

Listen to more from BZRK via Jeffrey Drag Records.