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Dead Waves

Winter is a harsh and rough time for everyone, especially bands. From van totaling accidents that has claimed the vehicles of The Saddest Landscape to La Luz [all respective members safe, albeit a bit bruised], the unforgiving elements and impossible holiday schedules; the grueling season of ice and snow is in need of a healthy anger and rage to keep the body and spirit warm. Lifting up our heads, boosting morale, and breaking ear drums are NYC's Dead Waves that lay out all their nagging issues and vendettas on the line, and out to dry. Bringing you the first listen to their just released Take Me Away EP, the Brooklyn three piece brings together Teddy Panopoulos with his brother and guitarist Nick, and Fabien Streit on percussion for all your winter escapist-get-away needs.

Opener “Planet of Tribes” brings to mind a primordial dawning of foreign species from a foreign planet coming into evolutionary existence. Kicking into gear and grinding it out in the aftermath is, “Over Me”, that rummages and runs through the crunchy wreckage, in an urban setting of situations described in post-scripts. Teddy, Nick and Fabian band together to follow through on the promise of rabble-rousing, accelerating through the arrogance and conceits by incinerating the options of abandonment. Dead Waves surprise you all throughout, with “Anamoly” bringing down new icicle avalanches of an audio assault more brutal than the frozen-over temperatures that loom outside. The song does the classic 'quiet/loud' trick with Teddy's screaming pleas of, “set me free”, and the conscious cleanse requests of shouted urgency of, “get off mind”. Things get sped up and run the frenetic and direction digging, “Which Way”, looking for passage and pacification. Bursting out of the ponds-both big and small, reels the sway and swim of, “Big Fish”. Choice moments allow Nick's guitar to ring around the track's water, with Fabian holding up the rhythmic foundation as Teddy's vocals works like a wrecking mallet to destroy and erode all obstacles in the band's path.

Dead Waves Take Me Away EP is available now in Bandcamp.