Stream: Don Cavalli, Temperamental

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Bringing a boatload of the blues, trunks full of funk and a rock n' roll heart; Don Cavalli streams his new album Temperamental courtesy of Everloving Records. A man of many trades and an incredible stylistic versatility, the French artist brings a sound served and learned from the record bins and cubbies of both dusted and fresh grooves with a vast array of attitudes and temperaments. Courtesy of Everloving and Rdio; we are proud to present to you the following streaming exclusive of Don's upcoming album.

The hip-shaking-titular opener “Temperamental” cuts a rug and kicks out the uptight crankiness with a hilarious chemical checklist. “She takes one in the morning, just to be in the mood, one for lunch as a food substitute, one to be quiet to be mind not wide, and one not to have any baby ties, she takes one pill at the party to be in the mood, one for as a food substitute, she takes a whole other tablet not to be sad, and one pill at night to sleep tight in her bed”. Next up on “Garden of Love”, Mr. Cavalli asks for a little give and return in the games of matrimony professed through some sensational jazz guitar picking. “Me and My Baby” picks up the pace left off from the opening title track that with a gospel inspired fervor that is more than just the “same old song”, while “walking and talking and yakking and rapping that thing”.

With some vintage chamber lounge backing, “Santa Rita” sings out from the gut like a lost soul-affected cut that The King himself never got around to recording before his fat-Vegas days. “Gonna Love You” brings a testimonial organ and sitar-like string rust, with the Don Juan insistence of, “you gonna be my love tonight”. With an old time folk delivery, banjo strumming and electric guitar rhythms; raise a glass and make a toast with Don to greatness with, “The Greatest”. “Voice of the Voiceless” sends out a vocal sound with synth streaming strings, providing words through song for the unheard folks, “over hills, through the valleys, down in the ghetto”. On “Feel Not Welcome”, Cavalli spills out some part rapped, part sung bars in a funky mix between the chorus calls for everyone to get up and get dancing on the floor with, “everybody move your body”. One of my favorite things about “You and My Zundapp” is that the entire song actually purrs and reverberates like an old school Z