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Previous abstractions of Physical Therapy, the Berlin-by-way-of New Jersey electronic producer, leaned into obscurity through an en vogue maneuver of thwarting SEO. Whether it was the intent or not is irrelevant, the immediate read on performance monikers that require savvy Google searches was the Internet generation’s subtle way of subverting the search engine as though it were the mainstream. Across two records Daniel Fisher’s Physical Therapy project artfully dodged the spotlight with non-drowsy prescriptions and Albuquerque gas station artwork, the irony that another Physical Therapy (a St. Louis jazz fusion band in the 90s) already existed and made Weather Channel music was not lost. With the impending release of concept-acid house record, Physical Therapy Presents… Kirk The Flirt & Peter Pressure the new irony is that Fisher has doubled back to an originators’ look. He’s begging to be found in the way that you first reach for a Frankie Knuckles record.

From disco reworks of Patrice Rushen’s “Haven’t You Heard” to the double dutch playground club of “Teddybear”, the production team of Kirk The Flirt & Peter Pressure, no matter how real they may or may not be, are properly billed as undiscovered DJs from the golden age of house who quietly became master craftsmen perhaps only due to being from Englewood, New Jersey. The folklore is that Fisher discovered the duo after seeing them DJ at Club One West in Englewood. A Google Map search of Club One West eludes to Fisher’s fascination for American relics. There’s no way in hell this NJ dive invites disco house DJs to entertain its pool sharks, prostitutes, and Keno junkies. And yet, you can’t help but love Fisher for his imagination. Front to back on this record, Kirk The Flirt & Peter Pressure are who you long to stumble upon by drunken accident on the dilapidated side of Englewood, NJ. What were you even doing there? What were they doing there? It was all so serendipitous and got really weird when a toothless guy offered you blow during “Never Ever Give Up”.

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