Stream Prince Rupert’s Drops, Climbing Light

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Prince Rupert’s Drops are a well kept secret—around since 2005—deserving of more attention than is being given. The band elicits a classic psych rock that simply can’t be said no to, especially if it’s done right, and Prince Rupert’s Drops does it right.

Straight back to the 60’s, Climbing Light is an acid flashback altogether. “Death March” is the dark, pounding opener that leads us into a trip of an album; a sprawling eight minute dreamer, the song is an excellent welcome mat for us to wipe our feet on. Rather melodic and upbeat, the album is certainly about the posi-vibes, where any darkness is usually portrayed in a goofy way: “My eyes are up high/the lights are down/the ears both above and below,” sings Bruno Meyrick-Jones on “Dangerous Death Ray”. We’re warned to “run for cover” as the song ends with a face melting solo and the gods of rock ‘n’ roll are satisfied.

Climbing Light certainly pays some homage to some of the great freaky psych-heads; Syd Barrett, Todd Rundgren, R. Stevie Moore, Jimi Hendrix, and even the Talking Heads all wiggle their ways into the album, and PRD offers a great variety of all these influences.

Prince Rupert’s Drops’ Climbing Light is out November 11 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.