Stream Ranch Ghost’s Lookin

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From Nashville, Ranch Ghost debuts their first full length album Lookin via Rough Beast. If you had plans for today, delay them. You need to listen to these ten songs.

Ranch Ghost consists of Joshua Meadors, Matthew Sharer, Tanner Lunn, Mitch Jones, and Andy Ferro, and according to their Facebook page, “the band has been audibly molded by the vibrations of Link Wray and Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band, while the influence of Nina Simone, Hank Williams, and Miles Davis remains slightly obscured underneath the murky surface.” And certainly, each song off the album — which was recorded almost entirely live — has a sort of old-timey rock n’ roll feel to it, with a dash of garage psych.

While listening to the album, I get the same sort of feeling I do when I listen to The Black Keys, like I can rock out to it at any time of the day, no matter the mood I’m in. All of Lookin is like “Gotta Get Away” by The Black Keys, but with more grit, gusto, and the confidence to carry it through to the end.

“This album holds some of the first songs that we wrote together, some were even written before we thought we would become a band,” admits Andy. “The song ‘Feels So Good’ is actually the very first song we wrote. Others, like ‘Black Caboose’ and ‘Pale Tale’ came a little later. I think you could probably figure out the chronology of the tracks just by listening if you really tried. We recorded these songs well over a year ago but kept hitting roadblocks in the process of releasing them, so we’re all really excited that it’s finally seeing the light of day. I guess sometimes it takes patience.” 

Notable songs: “Ragged Miles,” “Pale Tale,” and “Turfin.”

Lookin is available for preorder now via Rough Beast Records.