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Stevie Nader, GRIT

Stevie Nader’s newest release GRIT is anything but gritty. His lyrics drip emotion, his vocals are buttery smooth, and when paired with Boywolf’s production the album sounds more melted-chocolate, polished-mahogany gloss rather than the sand-on-your-heels gritty that the title suggests.

Nader stays true to his self-categorization as an electronic-soul musician as he also lyrically bares his soul in his breezy sophomore album. On “Virtuous”, Nader repeats “I came for you/ I’m not living without out you”; lines that taken out of context sound trite and Katy Perry-esque but when interlaced with the vibrating, cool timbre and bass of the rest of the song sound subtle and appropriate.

The Sacramento artist invites local talent on “Make You”, enlisting the support of Sean LaMarr of DLRN and Soosh*e for guest verses. The languid lyricism fits the relaxed style of the rest of the album and even crystallizes the laid-back vibe woven throughout the other six tracks.

Stevie Nader's GRIT was self-released via Bandcamp.