Stream The U.S. Americans' Debut LP, Greatest Hits, Release Show On Thursday In NYC

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

It’s rare for something to truly feel original lately. It’s all been said, done and done again, but said in another way. The U.S. Americans, however, want to cut to the feeling and cut the crap in a way that does, finally, feel new. You can hear it on their debut album, Greatest Hits, which Impose Magazine is exclusively streaming today and comes out on Friday, October 27th. Better yet, you can see them live on Thursday, October 26th at Arlene’s Grocery to see the vibe that sound alone can’t harness. Known for their eccentric live shows, there’s always a surprise on-stage — whether it’s a cover, a joke, a prop, a story, etc — and there’s one thing that’s always consistent: the Championship belt for being “the best band in the USA,” which was awarded to them via House of Glory, New York’s largest independent wrestling company, has used their music in their lively wrestling video compilations.
This album is a knock out for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it’s super fun. The songs get stuck in your head in the best way — you don’t want them to leave. It’s smile-inducing. It’s raw. It’s trippy. It’s sexy. It’s flamboyant. It’s a nipple twister, but in a good, fun way.
Greatest Hits was produced by Scott Von Ensign and executive produced by Daniel Deychak, Emerson Williams, Roy Abraham and Jeff Weiss, and serves as a collection of the best of progressive, psychedelic punk from the sons of liberty, aka The U.S. Americans.The energy you here on the record was distilled from the fruit of their live shows and bottled up into an under-an-hour record. Serving up an array of songs as diverse as Queens, the tracks span timelines between 90 seconds and 9 minutes. Greatest Hits is a kaleidoscope view into the world of Cuban gangsters, cinema, promiscuous cutlery, board games, Kings County, and oral hygiene. Listen here:

Describing the debut, Jeff Weiss, the band’s frontman, says, “There’s a lot going on with this record. I like that. I think the way we put the songs together really makes for a fun trip for the listener. Scott (Von Ensign) really did a great job with the production and I’m really interested in seeing how people respond to it. We came out swinging.”
Vinyl can be purchased via the band’s website here. Tickets to the NYC record release party at Arlene’s Grocery on Thursday, 10/26 are being sold here. Check out their latest music videos below: