Stream Tomboy’s debut album, Sweetie

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Tomboy Sweetie

Last month, we debuted “Tomboy Anthem“, the opening track off the Boston feminist punk band’s debut full-length, Sweetie. Speaking about that lead single, singer, songwriter and drummer Madeline Burrows told us:  “Being a tomboy is about not letting other people define who we are. Women are constantly told that we’re too fat, too skinny, too loud, not loud enough, too abrasive, not confident enough, too feminine, not feminine enough, too emotional, too cold, we’re not smart enough to possibly understand but when we speak our minds we’re know-it-alls. We’re constantly asked to fit into increasingly narrow boxes. And we’re lucky to be a part of something, whether it’s a music scene or something else, rather than being seen as a central and transformative part of creating something new.” Their smart, tough agenda is all over the 7-song record, which can be streamed in full below. Sweetie is out now on Boston’s Ride the Snake Records.