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The Unwed Teenage Mothers

Bass Drum of Death drummer Colin Sneed is as slick with the sticks as he is at naming his bands. Take his side project he fronts named The Unwed Teenage Mothers. Rad, right?

Sneed and his Oxford, Mississippi brethren released their debut 7″ earlier this month on Speakertree Records. The Unwed Teenage Mothers' 7″ is propulsive in punk speed and the hook-heavy heart of 70s powerpop. The record opens with the band ditching us, all broken hearted, on “If You Think You're Lonely Now” which recalls the early Aughts days of the sweet-boy-gone-wise songwriting of The Wrens. By “Rain” the fuzztone breakdowns break up the sunsoaked summer chants to come out and play. In a four-song span, The Unwed Teenage Mothers manage to seek the front porch of Southern rock, take it out back to the shed for some buzz saw riffing, place it on the mantle all shiny and new, and be on their way down the gravel road with a wave goodbye.

Purchase The Unwed Teenage Mothers 7″ at Speakertree.