Stromboli, Volume Uno

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Announcing itself with a chorus of rising static and dramatic, pulsing noise, Stromboli’s debut LP Volume Uno takes the business of creating haunting, tense atmospheres quite seriously. The aforementioned opener “Drag Phase” is just the opening salvo in the album’s arsenal of heavy sonic imagery. The unsettling and exotic “White Walls” ratchets up the intensity with waves of white noise and ghostly percussion.while the appropriately named “Haunted” descends into a gaping maw of gnashing metal and whirring electronic muscle.
Recorded in 2015 in his hometown of Bologna and featuring photography by Giulia Mazza, Volume Uno is a dark, fiery album that evokes a visceral response in the listener. It seems to seek not only to create atmosphere, but to instill feelings and emotions in the listener. The track “Drop” exemplifies this as it lumbers forth in an ominous, yet thrilling, way that simply cannot be ignored.

Volume Uno is set for a February 10 release on Maple Death Records where you can pre-order it now. You can follow Stromboli on Facebook and Twitter.