Sunflower Bean is about to blossom

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sunflower bean

After seeing this name crop up all over the musicsphere for months we finally caught Sunflower Bean's neopsychedelic grunge gaze this Tuesday at Baby's All Right .

The tender young trio didn't just sprout up onto the DIY landscape out of no where. They first met when guitarist Nick Kivlen's and drummer Jacob Faber's other band, Turnip King, played a show with Supercute!, Julia Cumming's twee-punk girl group. Somewhere in between striking up new friendships and playing CMJ this past fall, Nick and Jacob added Julia's bass and vox to their fledgling two-man project and Sunflower Bean was born.

They've been especially hard to miss since they debuted their exclusively-iPhone shot video for the tautalogically timewarped “2013” in March, playing all over Brooklyn, bouncing from venue to house to loft, like the recently shuttered Emet, their mournfully self-professed home venue.

So far, much of their press has come from the fashion-leaning side of the media spectrum (premiering their video on Rookie and appearing in French fashion magazine, Purple). This is assumably owed to their statuesque darling Cumming's own modeling successes, most noteably walking in St. Laurent's Fall 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Keep your eyes peeled for more shows, songs and other generally intriguing stuff that is sure to pop up from Sunflower Bean.
In the meantime, check out their video for “2013” below.