Super Seaweed Sex Scandal

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Super Seaweed Sex Scandal at Paris London West Nile

Extending a lineage of jazz-honed ferocity perhaps running from John Zorn to Little Women, the just-months-old sextet Super Seaweed Sex Scandal is already a dynamo of dissonant horns, crashing guitar notes, and thundering percussion.

In the tradition of some of the better noise-jazz tendencies to emerge lately, they seem to be able to switch fluidly from churning chaos into rigorous, obvious structure. The band lacks formal recordings thus far, but a live recording from Flux Factory back in November captured them at full strength.

Here are the compact, daring opening tracks from that set. “Take the F-Train” plunges directly into dissonant derailment and MTA-rage via a heavy, coordinated sax riff, while “Sexy Noise” takes a more sinuous path involving rolling bass and a brief, perfect accordion breakdown.

Super Seaweed Sex Scandal, “Take The F Train”

Super Seaweed Sex Scandal, “Sexy Noise”