Surf Dads, "Scary Liza"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Scary Liza” is the first single off the debut album entitled All Day Breakfast from Surf Dads.  The Regina, Saskatchewan duo comprised of Chris Dimas and Gage McGuire have created a full throttled song that will be a favorite on your play list.
“This song is one of the many that started out as an iPhone voice recording, a method we use for most of our songs before we hash them out in a room together,” admits McGuire. “I remember being at a bar and my buddy referring to a mutual friend as ‘scary.’ We started building the song around the idea of someone’s reputation mutating through the rumour mill and becoming a sort of ‘boogie-man’ type figure.”
“Scary Liza” has that perfect punk/indie blend – a catchy hook, but a frenetic beat that invites you to dance like no one is watching.

“Scary Liza” will be released on February 20 while All Day Breakfast makes its debut on April 7. Keep up with the guys here.