Tabi Bonney, “Make A Killin'” feat. Pusha-T

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I first heard Tabi Bonney do justice to an interpolation of De La Soul's “Plug Tunin'” on the “needn't-even-botheredLe Da Soul mixtape. He impressed once again with his solo joint “Not Like Me” on Curren..err, I mean Ski Beatz' 24 Hour Karate School (I keep doing that). With a solo due in November, Tabi got Pusha-T on a track, which will probably be the last non-G.O.O.D. related song we hear from Pusha for the remainder of his contract – if we're to assume that's why Mos Def was removed from Karate School last minute.

Tabi's “Make A Killin'” ghettoblasts with the champion sound Nas & Damian Marley attempted to conjure, but failed to capture. Fader said it first, but we have to agree, Pusha is the true man of the hour with his numerous G.O.O.D. Friday guest spots and solo signing to the Kanye label. Clipse has the critical acclaim, the street cult-following, but this recent push for Mr. Pusha could be the long-overdue exposure that restores hip hop's mainstream credibility as the voice of the unheard and forgotten.

As for Tabi Bonney's impact, I've yet to hear a song in which he is not toying with puns and braggadocio, which is all well and good. He's got a fly guy superstar persona to maintain to help push his clothing line. I'll sign up for eight more songs flipping wordplay like “I hate when she like to make believe / tell that bama get the maître d’ / I want the best table / I'm on regular tv and cable” or “this money is nutritious / I'm licking green clean off the plate – no dishes.”

Tabi Bonney's solo drops November 23.

Tabi Bonney, “Make A Killin'” (feat. Pusha-T)