Tabi Bonney, Postcards From Abroad

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Tabi Bonney

Presented by LRG, Tabi Bonney's Postcards From Abroad mixtape is here to make you feel like the biggest loser for rarely leaving your apartment, while Tabi is out there getting the thumbs up from Chinese businessmen like it's just another Tuesday.

Something tells me Tabi Bonney received the “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” advice at a significantly young age and it took to his brain transmissions like a parasite. Tabi really ain't as famous as he makes himself out to be, but perhaps if he keeps talking the jive, he'll subvert the notion into our heads and achieve his international playboy aspirations.

With neon-yacht lifestyle production from Smiles Davis, Million $ Mano and Devo Springsteen that reworks The Knife, Phoenix, Lykke Li and Cults, Tabi is on the verge of disgusting faux genres like Ibiza-rap or Yacht-hop. I really feel sharked like Tabi pulled the old bait-and-switch move after getting on board with “Garfield Fish Bones”. Tabi deserves praise for his line about breaking his Ikea bed on “Love Leaves”. Those slats are janky. If you're of the opinion that Gorilla vs. Bear should cover more hip hop, this mixtape is for you, otherwise stay the fugg away.

Download Tabi Bonney's Postcards From Abroad here.

Tabi Bonney, “Outside” (feat. Cults)