Day 9: Liverpool

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Talk Normal in Liverpool

If Brighton is the Portland, OR of the UK, then Liverpool is the Baltimore. A rough-and-tumble working class town situated along the Irish Sea. It's a port-side city with tons of industrial and maritime history, and apparently it's where some band called the Beatles originated?

I don't want to create the false impression that every show is amazing, and they are all well-attended. But Liverpool was a bit on the odd side as far as how the shows have gone. It was the first to add a third band as an opener – a post-hardcore band called The Temps, who looked to average about 17 years old. They actually weren't that bad, and you would think that pushing back Talk Normal's set time would help matters. It did mean they got to play in front of more people than usual, but it also meant Wire fans were growing impatient.

Pink Flag Pin

Still, the people of Liverpool – especially the promoters and staff of the O2 venue we played – were exceptionally nice. This is also the place where my new partner in merch crime, Rogier, took over for Gijs. Also a Dutchman, from my favorite city of Amsterdam, he's an equally swell guy. I should also use this time to introduce Jerry, Wire's new sound guy. I don't have any pictures of him yet, but I can tell you he looks an awful lot like Zach Galifianakis. I swear I will get you a photo soon.

Me and Rogier in our prison.

During Wire's performance, Andrya and Sarah walked over to The Kazimier to catch EMA's show. She was in town opening for Zola Jesus, and it gave the girls a chance to see some familiar faces (other than my beautiful mug of course).

Wire in Liverpool
Wire performing in Liverpool.

EMA in Liverpool
EMA in Liverpool.

After the show, we headed to our Travelodge for the evening. Wire, on the other hand, was driving to meet their ferry that would take them to Ireland. We decided to skip this show due to economics, and instead spend the next day visiting the harbor and, of course, The Beatles museum. As commercial and cheesy as you would expect it to be, we left town with a few souvenirs and headed back to London where we would get to spend the weekend before meeting back up with Wire in Bristol.

Colin Newman from Wire
Colin Newman from Wire leaving town.

Spock with a comb over
Spock with a comb-over?

Another beautiful Travelodge morning.

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool
A magical experience indeed. If you have the duckets to pay for entry.

And now some cheesy tourist photos from our day off in London.

Someone getting a handsome cab ride into Buckingham Palace. It wasn't the queen.

Buckingham Palace Gates
Buckingham Palace gates.

Buckingham Palace guards

Talk Normal on the tube
Talk Normal on the tube.

Big Ben
Big Ben.

Parliament and Big Ben

Protestors in front of English Parliament
Appropriately enough, protestors in front of the English Parliament.

Big Ben from the other side.

London skatepark
Skatepark I found on my walk.