Tar Pet, “Poem By Fineus”

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tar pet

On Taralie Peterson's (of Spires That In The Sunset Rise) new solo project, Tar Pet, existential meanderings, hollow acoustic mawps, and flagrant haunting all settle in before its songs even have legs. “Poem By Fineus”, a subtle acoustic track that features waverings and experimental ups-and-downs, is fruitful in its ability to feel cleansing and pure. By the track's close, as you've streamed through lengths of verbal echoes and falters, you'll find yourself at a crossroads—either you are in for Tar Pet's unsettling dalliances, or your delicate soul can't handle the haunt. We are in the former camp, knowing that a little psychedelic unrooting is all the heart needs to shake through to clarity.

Tar Pet's Deaf Drawing Blind Listening releases through Hairy Spider Legs on October 15.