Tara King th., “Long Time No See”

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Tara King th.

Moon Glyph is deserving of major props for bringing the baroque pop of Tara King th. Stateside. We imagine it won't be long before “Long Time No See” enters a set of ears belonging to an A&R at Universal or editor at NPR and the Parisian band earns last minute inclusions on year end lists.

It's all there for Tara King th. A picturesque Parisian girl named Beatrice Morel-Journel at the microphone, a backing band skilled in swirling melodies on Farfisa organs and harpsicords, and an out-of-time allure perpetuated by the photos of Sebastien Tixier. One could listen to “Long Time No See” and not be certain whether an out of print Parisian 60s pysche record was given new life by a meticulous digger's boutique or if Tara King th. is in fact that good at invoking the past and giving it new spirit. With each listen to “Long Time No See” we are overwhelmed with a lush's intoxication we've not felt from Paris, since Jane Birkin crashed her bicycle into Gainsbourg's Rolls Royce.

Tara King th.'s Uncolored Past (Pt.I & II) is out now on Moon Glyph.