Technicolor Teeth, Can You Keep Me Out Of Hell CS

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technicolor teeth

In a number of ways, Technicolor Teeth has achieved singularity. Their name, their soon-to-be-released cassette title, their artwork, their sound—these all work in tandem to bring the Wisconsin band to a higher plane of communication and categorization. Their latest, Can You Keep Me Out of Hell, is a work of goth-pop geinus, sunny and dark like winter light just as dusk hits. The noise is cut through with high-powered melodic notes that aren't unlike pop-punk songs, but if they were sung with teeth gritted and mind faltering. The gauze and density of it is staggering.

This tape is only available from the band on their upcoming tour, details for which are below, and is put onto plastic by Accidental Guest Recordings. Stream the full thing below, thanks to Gimme Tinnitus.

05 Chicago, IL @ Club Rectum
06 Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups w/ Final Rites, Dead Forever
07 Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Sunken Cheek, Jean Simmons, Papership
08 Death By Audio w/ Clean Girls + Jail Solidarity + York Factory Complaint
09 Easthampton, MA @ The Fly Wheel w/ Swearin’, Potty Mouth, California X, Aye Nako
10 Philadelphia, PA @ Lava Space w/ Dreambook, Michael Cantor
11 Lexington, KY @ 1119 Highland Park Dr. w/ Guignol, Elsinores
12 Nashville, TN @ TBA
13 Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ Night Crimes, What They Lack
14 -16 SXSW
17 Oklahoma City, OK @ Cookies
18 St. Louis, MO @ Livery Company w/ Times Beach, Trauma Harness