TEEN, “Better”

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The band's name comes from the founding member, one Teeny Lieberson, formerly of Here We Go Magic, a band that recently acquired Internet fame for picking up John Waters while he was doing research on a book about hitch hiking. Teeny missed out on the opportunity to get on Boing Boing, having quit the group to make music as TEEN with her two sisters and a friend. After putting out a digital EP on their Bandcamp, Carpark picked them up and sat them down at a studio in rural Connecticut with Sonic Bom and made them record In Limbo, which is being released August 28th. This is the first single, and while it doesn't have the catchy lyrical hook of “Cannibal/You're a motherfucking Canni-baaaal” from the first EP, there is something simultaneously alluring from all that keyboard-mashing they are doing. The persistent new-wave beat reminds me of the amazing but obscure group the Mo-Dettes, who's track “White Mice” is kinda YouTube famous but remains difficult to find in print. However, “Better” isn't a retro song at all; they build on this beat to create a wall of sound that is punctuated by whoops.