Teen Vice, “White Guilt”

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New York’s rock collective Teen Vice – comprised of Tammy Hart (guitars, vocals), Joshua Ackley (bass, vocals), and Derek Pippin (drums), with band newcomer (but certainly no newcomer to the music scene) May Dantas (guitars, vocals) – has been slowly releasing songs online to give people a taste of what to expect from them sound-wise. Their proper label debut has yet to be announced, but we’ve got one of their gems – a single titled “White Guilt” – exclusively for you right now.

It hits heavy from the start with quick percussion, and a gnarly guitar riff. Instrumentally, this song has taken more of a surf pop spin, but the waning vocals are what you want to hone in on. The lyrics are cryptic, despite its general disposition, and the title leans a little more political than you may have expected from such an upbeat, power pop song. And we’d still play it at a party. Because Teen Vice wreaks of a celebratory vibe.

Teen Vice will be playing PIANOS on November 11th. Keep up with the band here.