The Abstract Pack, “Ideas of Grandeur”

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The Abstract Pack out of St. Paul, MN conjure the choicest of dusty grooves that wax 90s nostalgia like I never traded in my backpack for a satchel.

“Ideas of Grandeur” was shot entirely with the iPhone, which ironically gives the group cred in the low-budget department. Pretty ill how an iPhone can make your group's video look as though it were shot in the 90s. There was always a heavy handful of grainy videos, much like this one, buried in hour two of the Rap City countdowns – back before that shit got ruined.

The Ab-Pack is putting the finishing touches on its latest release Ear-Responsible,
which should be available digitally in August. Stay glued to Pack Material for the
details on the record. It would also be in your best interest to pay the
$.99 to bump “Ideas Of Grandeur” on the regular.