The Best Music of August 2015

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All Dogs

And just like that, it’s the end of the summer already. We want to feel sad about it, but there is so much to be stoked about right now—like all of the incredible new music we now have, via August’s new releases. This month was stacked, with three excellent new full-lengths: All Dogs (on Salinas), Worriers (on Don Giovanni), and Palehound (on Exploding in Sound). We are excited to finally own a vinyl pressing of Sneaks’ minimal post-punk hits, while Destiny’s soul-inflected “Orange Blossom” might be one of our favorite pop singles of the year so far. Our top picks of the month are below.



The long-awaited full-length from Columbus punks All Dogs finally was released this month, Kicking Every Day, a 10-song collection of crushing, pummeling guitar-pop. Earlier this year, writing about the album’s lead single, “That Kind Of Girl,” Quinn Moreland wrote:

“That Kind of Girl” … acts as a sort of conclusion to [earlier songs] “Love Song” and “Georgia.” In those songs, burgeoning relationships were approached with caution, but here, an affair ends with the acknowledgement of a personal problem and self-prioritizing. I think every female-identifying individual can relate to being “that kind of girl” in some way. As Jones asks, “What does that mean?”

It’s the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack and ultimately, our favorite album of the month.