The British noise trio that pranked Will Self

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Crass had Thatchergate, and Bono's bosses sued Negativland, but that was the 1980s, and there haven't been too many worthwhile pranks perpetrated by noisy anti-musicians lately. In steps TEETH, with a brand of glitched-out party jams that could reasonably be described as Ponytail doing battle with Sleigh Bells inside a Nintendo. The band's claim to fame is their noted hijacking of English novelist Will Self's Twiitter handle, and using it to post fake BBC articles. Self himself got hip to it, commented, and the trio ceased. But I think TEETH should really keep going with this whole British literary star Twitter thing by tweeting as Martin Amis, Zadie Smith, or maybe hacking Salman Rushdie's new account, and posting links to funny pictures of Manmohan Singh.. Keep it interesting, and hopefully when this whole loud, post-techno stuff is yesterday's sound, they can at least claim to be performance artists.

Their new album just came out on Moshi Moshi.