The Fagettes are now Barbazons

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barbazons avec plaisir

Before they changed their name, Boston garage-punk outfit Barbazons used to be The Fagettes. After experiencing the polarizing effects of such a provocative name despite their intentions as LGBT activisits, they became Barbazons. In a statement posted on their website, frontwoman Melanie Bernier said the name change was warranted because, “We’re tired of having a band name that comes with a thesis statement. We’re tired of wondering if we should be sorry. We’re especially through with being misunderstood.”

It’s humbling and it’s potent to exist within something as part of a whole, and that power can’t come from a name. “Fagettes” started as a concept of freedom. The more it limits us, the more it shrivels into a lump of youthful indignation to carry in my back pocket. Just last week, it unceremoniously got lost in the wash. It trickled its way back to a fountain of youth I no longer drink from.

With the name change comes word of a new record. A thick layer of fuzz covers “Bad Catholics”, the first single from Barbazons forthcoming debut, Avec Plaiser. Classic garage hooks lanced with a few ska-like moments of dizzying and distorted trumpet carry the single into familiar territory of backwards-leaning rock outfits, with just enough Rocket From The Crypt to keep us excited.

Avec Plaiser will be available on April 21. You can stream “Bad Catholics” below.