The Front Doors, "Taking Time"

Post Author: JP Basileo

“Space and time” isn’t just a cringe-worthy cliche combo term used for talking about the universe and our place in it. It’s also a key combo factor in the balance for any sustainable romance. Don’t ask me, just listen to Queens/LI trio The Front Doors and their new single, “Taking Time.” A wooing intro to the song builds tension, with singer Steve Joyce playing his gainy chords deliberately enough that every string resounds and shivers up your body in the vein of “get away from me.” What ensues is a baring of soul, simple and charming and honest, about, hey, just needing some time apart, if not for me then for you. For us. You know it. Mike Loschiavo plays a grumbling bass that ebbs and flows and intertwines with Billy Hargrove’s apt snare flares and cymbal crashes. Joyce’s tastefully airy (or airily tasty) guitar provides a warmth to the whole thing as it marches on in such unison, it’s like a marriage gone good. “It might be ok,” they seem to say. That’s what this song is for – a reminder to take care of yourself so that you might be able to take care of someone else. Nothing’s perfect, but take some time and show yourself some love and you might get it back to a good place. For your health.