The Hussy, Clothes Mountain EP

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the hussy

When Bobby Hussy and I spoke about streaming the recently-released new 10″ from The Hussy, he was pretty insistent that we find a way to do it all in go, and not piecemeal with single tracks for the haphazard picking. And after my first listen through Clothes Mountain, this insistence on the part of the shreddy guitar player in Wisconsin's tightest power duo seemed perfectly well-placed. The six tracks, all of which fly by at a miraculously fast rate, require a complete listen, as they build up and into each other like some sort of blistering grunge-punk puzzle. It's so easy to get lost within the blinding riffs of Bobby Hussy's over-the-top guitar and the snotty singing of Heather Hussy as she beats along on those extra-rock drums. There is no absence of crash cymbal here, that's for damn sure. Whatever you do, listen from start to close—just like the dentist says, it'll be over before you know it.

The Clothes Mountain 10″ (with its awesome artwork and gatefold) is out now on Southpaw Records in the US and Red Lounge Records in Germany. Check out a short chat we had with The Hussy when their excellent third record, Pagan Hiss, released earlier this year.