The Immaculates, “Love Dream”

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The Immaculates, <i>Vol. 1</i> EP

Along with the very intentional inflections of 60s soul bass lines and beats, Jonathan Richman should be proud of the fact that in 2011 there's a band that'll be drawn along by the charisma of the vocalist. The band's live show is already an instant hit, and not just for the whiskey swiller on the side of the stage who keeps the tambourine safely packed in a briefcase until needed.

And I'm just gonna say it: this song pulls some New York indie heart strings that they weren't perhaps going for — the minimalism of the instrumental interplay gives off some Interpol heat (so do the suits*). Perhaps the dust has settled long enough on that band for this to be a welcome intrusion back into the wall of scuzz flaking off most of the band's contemporaries.

The Immaculates, “Love Dream”

The track comes off the band's Vol. 1 EP, out (wait for it) October 1 on vinyl from Death Class, October 4 digitally from Famous Class, and October 8 on cassette from Whoa Whoa.

*The suits: