The K-Holes are your surf punk destroyers

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Channeling a tongue in cheek and tongue wagging songwriting style, The K-Holes are filthy awesome at reanimating its surf rock with dirge. The self-titled debut is a trip to a toxic beach where all the fish have four eyes, children are kidnapped by wolves to be raised and everyone there is shitfaced face down in the sand.

The K-Holes songwriting is akin to King Khan & BBQ's freak out conceptions, always loaded with strange shit that is amusing to yell out live like bridges filled with howling wolf imitations. The band began as a one-off surf rock band comprised of loose ends in the Black Lips, Golden Triangle, Bezoar and Georgiana Starlington. But the misfits were clearly on to something lasting and began envisioning a much more raucous destruction of the genre.

With tracks like “Werewolf With A Tan” and “Creatures of War,” The K-Holes have stumbled upon a terrifying sound all its own. It's an invitation to a Halloween party of violent design, where all the villains hang out and sip spiked punch. On “Creatures of War” a comfort zone is found in a Black Lips-ish stomp number, then it goes deeper into the sewer for the echoing rage of a skronking saxophone, pelting out brown notes in the sludge.

The K-Holes self-titled debut is out March 1 on HoZac.

The K-Holes, “Creatures of War”