The Milestones, "Have It All"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

It’s been a hot second since we’ve had a collection of tracks from Baltimore’s indie rock talents The Milestones, a band expertly comprised of Alex Wandres (vocals, guitar), Chris Metz (guitar, vocals), John Love (Drums), and Jason Alford (bass). As it turns out, they’re preparing to release their first EP since 2015’s Honey. We’re ecstatic with this news, especially since we get to host the premiere for their new track “Have It All”, which certainly makes us feel like we have it all.
A catchy, toe-tapping beat and swirling guitars preface the gorgeous, deep vocals that join in as the lyrics insist “you can have it all” repeatedly and with force. The song itself feels like a mix of Coldplay instrumentals and reverb with strained, Kings of Leon-inspired vocals, which actually edges toward “thrilling” more than anything else.
And wait until you hear the breakdown near the end.

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