The Myrrors, "Somos Las Resistencia"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

The Myrrors are following up their 2016 album Entranced Earth with their fourth album – third record on BBiB – Hasta La Victoria.  Nik Rayne, Grant Beyschau, Miguel Urbina, Kellen Fortier, and Casey Hadland are making a call to action with their single “Somos La Resistencia”.
The Tuscon, Arizona based group specializes in Sonoran Trance Music, which allows the mind to be taken away in melodic strings, synths, and percussion.  Not only is the single soothing, yet fiery, it has a strong message behind it.
Lead vocalist Nik had this to say about the single, “Somos La Resistencia, ‘we are the resistance’ – a call for unity, for a coming together of positive forces against the almighty imperialist blood dollar. We are the lost, the children of bread – a tree of pure light. Recognition that passive protest is not, and has never been, enough to enact actual change. Sonically speaking I suppose you could say the song was conceived in some lost space between Ahmad Zahir and Frank Lowe.”

The album Hasta La Victoria comes out June 30th.  For more information about the band and preorder of the album click here