The Psychic Paramount, “Echoh Air (Nihiti's Air On The Nth String Mix)”

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Putting this track on repeat will generate an infinite loop, the tempo eventually draining sensation from your extremities and pushing it all into your chest. Lola is running within this tight beat; various heists, bank or otherwise, are being carried out; a law enforcement agency has finally tracked down the killer and is chasing them through the slums of some third-world metropolis. The original guitar-laced track has been torn apart by Nihiti and pieced back together with added string tension, sucking plops, and an extra dose of heady anxiety.

Nihiti's For Ostland is out now on Low Bit Landscapes. Psychic Paramount's II is also out on No Quarter. They have a ton of tour dates coming up, including Brooklyn with Guardian Alien and Stabbing Eastward on July 8, that you can view here.