Stream The Rentiers’ Here is a List of Things That Exist EP

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A solemn maturation sometimes takes place in an established punk’s repertoire, exchanging three power chords and blast-beat rhythms for more melodic songwriting, be they folk-driven ballads or post-punk synthetics. Joel Tannenbaum of Delaware punk outfit Plow United, and Mikey Erg of Jersey all-stars The Ergs! have collaborated on a new project, The Rentiers, and it’s a far cry from their past bands.

The Rentiers debut EP, titled Here is a List of Things That Exist, out March 24 on Square of Opposition and Death to False Hope Records, is an extremely personal, life-hardened, and heartfelt four-song novella of dedication to the people, places, and experiences of a lifetime spent in suburban music scenes. The energy is there, but instead of breakneck Descendents-esque pop-punk and scream-along youth anthems, it comes in the form of soulful serenades and sing-alongs. Tannenbaum’s acoustic guitar dominates the sound, backed hard by Mikey’s drumming and Chumped’s Anika Pyle’s back-up vocals and Tyler Pursel’s additional instrumentals.

You can stream Here is a List of Things That Exist below.