The Silver State, “The Colorado”

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The Silver State’s “The Colorado” is as appropriate a soundtrack to the sunset of summer as it is lead track off their album entitled Outside, due August 12 via Tacky Records.

Hazy night drives in early August; the kind when fog floods your headlights and condensation the inside of your windshield. Your car hugs the backroads rising and falling over rolling hills, the ground’s ebb & flow from far off mountain tops test your steering when you pass the joint as you’re floating down the winding, woodland road. That is the scene that this drifting Americana rock album makes me think of, the good-ole’ days of late summer spent outside of a city. On those hazy days, time passes slow but in hindsight it seems like it disappeared in a flash.

The specifics are vague in Caleb Lindskoog’s nostalgic ode to a trip to the Colorado river with an old love. Frolicking outdoors, enchanted by nature as much as the “endless, exotic saunter” of your former flame, the mind for details is as lazy as it is heightened by the romance of a time and place you know you’ll always remember but fear the other person might forget.

Stream “The Colorado” below and check out The Silver State‘s forthcoming album Outside when it releases August 12 via Tacky Records