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the soft moon

Whenever I invite The Soft Moon into the speakers it is difficult to discern whether its iron-clanging riffs are causing U.I. flashbacks or stirring a placebo in my canals. It is not about feeling ripped, as much as it is about wanting to revisit the lost feeling – capture lightening in a bottle, as they say. If there's one current band that brings to mind the experience of cold white light against a shadowy backdrop, it's The Soft Moon.

The Soft Moon's “Total Decay” travels into that hollow space that is synonymous with the vacancy behind a druggy's eyeballs. He's not building in there, but rather rotting so that the echoes become louder. Yeah, too much indulgence with The Soft Moon is grounds for intervention, but the release of the Total Decay EP also functions as a solid follow up to Psychocandy at your hip-ass Halloween party.

The Soft Moon, “Total Decay”

The Total Decay EP is out October 31 on Captured Tracks.