The Third Man, “Red Boxing”

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A sneak peek from LA-based Halocyan‘s forthcoming Universal Quanitifier compilation, The Third Man‘s “Red Boxing” single is a shining example of the trance-inducing, future-leaning club the label’s been steadily curating.

Dark dance techno, it’s a hypnotizing, deep-set banger that relies on a steady chug-a-lug bassline and rhythmic clatter track that echoes intimidatingly over ringing bell distortions and ghostly vocal samples. All punctuated by a one-two punch of staccato notes that pierce through the murky underbelly of bass beats, it’s definitely a banger well suited for a Berghain-esque basement. A meeting of the man and the machine, it feeds well into the compilation’s mission to marry elements of the tangible and conceptual in the form of avant-tech electronic music.

And The Third Man’s in good company, as the release will also feature tracks from the likes of xxxy, Chrissy Murderbot and Paul Woolford, along with remixes by big names such as Legowelt, Matthias Zimmerman and Hyetal.

Universal Quantifier is due out on October 14, but you can stream “Red Boxing” below.