The Urban Renewal Project, "Road To Victory"

Post Author: Andre G

The Urban Renewal Project is a 13-piece band out of LA that delivers a well-curated fusion of hip-hop, jazz and soul. Their signature sound radiates an intriguing big-band-meets-cipher vibe that’s been developed over seven years of grinding with talented artists throughout the country. They’re set to release 21st Century Ghost, their upcoming album, on September 15th. The project is described by the band as a “a genre-bending meditation on isolation in the era of hyperconnectivity.”
“Road To Victory” is the latest single from the project, a triumphant composition that seems ripe to be the soundtrack for cinematic triumph, or a blaring motivator at upcoming football games. The regal horns transition into a galloping, thunderous soundscape, which give way for Hugh Augustine to rhyme about his his longing for “fur at his feet” and the “ultimate ecstasy.”
As the the band’s horns soar toward the end of his verses and singer Alex Nester’s vocals join him, we reckon he may have felt close to that feeling in the booth. You can listen to “Road To Victory” below.