Thieves Like Us, “Stay Blue”

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Thieves Like Us

With the addition of Martine Duverglas, Anna De Marco and Dani Imhoff, Thieves Like Us have transformed their quaint synth-band into a choir of young achievers. The expanse is immediate in “Stay Blue”. Thieves Like Us sound as though merely writing break-up songs in the key of woe-is-me were no longer cutting it. With Ariel Pink busy spazzing out and Nite Jewel distracted with Kate Bush theatrics, the door is wide open for odd-ball disco anthems. In walks multi-lingual band Thieves Like Us with a sleek 70s cool that struts the line between prog and disco. With three albums and two EPs' worth of broken-hearted music over their shoulder, Thieves Like Us' “Stay Blue” is a return from the other side. They have a path towards the light that gets the young folk over whatever it is that's giving them an old fashioned case of the blues.

Bleed Bleed Bleed is out March 20 on Captured Tracks.