Those Lavender Whales, "Oh My God"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

South Carolina’s pop/folk quartet Those Lavender Whales – comprised of Aaron Graves, Jessica Bornick, Chris Gardner, and Patrick Wall – is finding its stride with their forthcoming album, My Bones Are Singing, due out this spring. While we wait for that release, we have a pretty awesome debut of their song “Oh My God”. 
“After I was diagnosed with a pretty complex malignant brain tumor in 2014, I’ve had a few big spiritual/existential crises (which I’m sure happens to all normal people whether they are battling life threatening illnesses or not),” explains Aaron Graves. “This song formed out of the feeling of those episodes in life. Dealing with that giant feeling of unknowing, and figuring out if there is a way to make sense of everything that’s happening around you.”
The first line “Oh my God I don’t know if I can handle this” echoes our exact thoughts, really, on a day to day basis. When you realize what the song is about, it adds more meaning to the lyrics that indicate confusion and loneliness. Their trademark spoken/sung vocals add a layer of quirky to the track, and we’re immediately smitten.

My Bones Are Singing is out April 7th. It is available for preorder now.