Tim Sweeney and Phillip Lauer are T&P

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It sorta began with a shared gig in Frankfurt for Tim Sweeney and Phillip Lauer. After a night of DJing at the Robert Johnson, Sweeney joined Lauer at his home along the bucolic German countryside for a weekend. Affectionately known as Hotel Lauer, Lauer’s home doubles as a recording studio. This is how T&P took shape.

To back track, Tim Sweeney released variations of Lauer’s music previously on his Beats In Space imprint—an extension of his BIS radio show. That night at the Robert Johnson was no chance meeting. Retreating to the countryside to tinker and dabble in Lauer’s studio was fortuitous in that their creations—richly inspired by a bygone New York—yielded three dynamic floor burners worthy of coining a new moniker.

For A-side “Shoot The Freak”, T&P tap into a New York that Lauer left behind for Germany, but lingers in the memories of both producers. Ascending synths simulate that rising feeling to vocal samples and pulsate and chant a lifeblood into “Shoot The Freak”. In its dedication to the freak scene, T&P ally themselves with the misaligned. Sweeney and Lauer are purists of the underground, in that there is no grand scheme to be en vogue EDM gods.

T&P’s Shoot The Freak 12″ is out now on Beats In Space.