Titanics, “Close Enough”

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Close Enough

We now know why they call themselves “Titanics”. These guys are kind of a big deal. Their latest track, “Close Enough”, is easy listening at its finest. If every tranquilpop was a thing, it is something they have mastered.

“Close Enough” begins at the same pace that it continues at, with a crazy ethereal background track. We’d compare it to someone like Owl City, but with more rooted vocals and little bit more depth–both lyrically and production-wise.

The lyrics would suggest that Mark Lombardo and Derek Rogers are crooning to the women that are bound to be rebounds. “You gave me the eyes last night/When you passed me by/It was perfect time/My heart had just gone dry.” Whether that is true or not, it seems like a casual song to enjoy in the summer months, when anything could happen in life and love.

So play on, and let “Close Enough” lead you into your summer romance.

Summer Tour Dates

06-18 Buffalo, NY – Dreamland
07-21 Albany, NY – Alive at Five w/ Bloc Party
08-12 Long Island, NY – Katie’s
08-13 New York, NY – Pianos
08-14 Boston, MA – Lilypad