TO., “I AM”

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24 year old producer and songwriter Anna Melander is rolling out some exquisite tracks via her moniker TO. (which is Japanese for “duck”). Not a stranger to music, she started writing and playing in a local indie band at the young age of 12. Eventually, she fell for the electronic scene and decided to experiment with her sound solo. Her gorgeous, ethereal vocals weave intricately into her futuristic, trap inspired tracks. We’ve got the premiere of her latest song, “I AM”.

Almost too smooth to handle, this song hits you with first a beautiful melody provided by a singular piano, and then an interesting beat that then melds in with the keys. TO.’s voice floods the sound space, with reverb that feels like it’s bouncing off stars. There is almost a glitter to the track, which we know is impossible (Or is it?) but we’ll stubbornly note it anyway. The lyrics themselves are delivered as if by a mystic creature, the first lines boasting, “I am To. You are TO. We are TO.” We are very big fans of what the beat develops into, as it allows the track to be utilized in both a relaxing environment as well as, say, after 2 a.m. in a basement club in The East Village.

One thing is for sure: We can’t wait to hear more.