To Wake You, “What Is It? / To Wake You”

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to wake you

You’re going to have listen to To Wake You’s “What Is It?” and “To Wake You” back-to-back to fully appreciate their poetry. That’s not to say the singles aren’t great individually, but the full effect is felt with both playing immediately after each other.

To Wake You, a duo folk/indie band out of San Luis Obispo, CA, consists of Karoline Hausted and Mark Davis. “What Is It?” is sung by Hausted while “To Wake You” is sung by Davis, and both sing about love and the mysteries that surround it. The first one is more light-hearted lyrically and in tone, with Hausted’s vocals full of unrestrained hope, curiosity, and sincerity. The flipside is Davis’ “To Wake You” single, which is darker, slightly more sensual, and hauntingly beautiful. If “What Is It?” is the start of a relationship, full of wonder and almost child-like optimism, always questioning, like the title suggests, then “To Wake You” is the answer to those questions, ones we might not always want to know the answer to. And I kind of love both of them a lot.

The double sided single is out July 15th.