Tommy Luck feat. Zada, "Redeemed"

Examining the state of music in 2017 means knowing that now more than ever anything is possible. With the advent of streaming, the knowledge gap in music has been closed down to a search bar and curiosity.
With that, styles and genres continue to blend in new and exciting ways and the California-based artist Tommy Luck serves as a prime example of riding one’s own multi-faceted wave. Following an amicable split with the EDM group Dropout, Luck has been crafting his own vision with a series of hip-hop, punk and electronic-fused singles set for release. Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of his latest, “Redeemed” feat. Zada, today.
On the track, Luck immediately establishes a wild electronic soundscape as he rides atop with Die Antwoord-style flow. Just as it seems like the track is going to burst like a bubble, Zada’s vocals take over building towards a fiery crescendo.
“‘Redeemed’ is about just that: finding redemption, in whatever way you can,” shares Luck. “In the end, to be redeemed is a beautiful thing, but the road there is crazy and messy and confusing, and that’s what this song is trying to capture, the insanity of the journey, and the beauty of the ending.”
Zada adds, “I’d say that the most memorable part of working on ‘Redeemed’ was seeing how the song came together almost organically, everyone in one room working together to create something we all believed in.”
Stream “Redeemed” below and look for more from Tommy Luck here.